Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giving Away The Yates House Bed & Breakfast Rocheport Garden

Gardening, at the Yates House Bed & Breakfast, is a serious pursuit. Activity and planning never cease. Of course, Spring is our most work intensive time.
Guests are eternally curious about every aspect of our gardening. We claim no expertise, only experience. And, experience is usually what you have just after needing it.

We’ve learned to share our garden plants with friends and guests. This is an old time notion that was necessary and practical in days before commercial nurseries and garden catalogs. Well established landscapes and gardens yield a steady stream of seeds, cuttings, roots, and bulbs. What isn’t given away is often discarded.

Guests and friends of the Yates House are encouraged to openly covet our plants. If possible, practical, and timely, we will gladly share our plant bounty with you. If something isn’t ready to be harvested, thinned, or dug up, we will advise you on when it might be ready so you can return to claim your prize.

Many of our plants were acquired this way. Family heirlooms from my Great-Grandmother’s childhood home, plants from memorable trips, plants given by other family, friends, and guests grow all around us. Pass it on.

Conrad and Dixie Yates
Your Innkeepers

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