Monday, March 15, 2010

Let the Gardening Season Begin in Rocheport Missouri

We search our gardens each morning for new crocus blooms and other sure signs of spring.  Flower beds and gardens are awakening at our Rocheport Missouri Bed and Breakfast-Yates House.   Along with this awakening comes Dixie Yates, coffee cup in hand, exhorting her husband Conrad with encouragement like "you know what would look good growing here this year?"

Yates House spring garden tradition includes multiple visits to nearby Vintage Hill Farm Nursury.   Owner Jeff Oberhaus has created one of the finest greenhouses you'll find anywhere.  His very complete plant selection is diverse, healthy, beautiful, and reasonably priced.  Customers are drawn to this beautiful Missouri River hills setting from all over Missouri and neighboring states.

Yates House guests often visit Vintage Hill Farm during their visit to the Rocheport area.  They are never disappointed.  Yates House guests may store their Vintage Hill plants on our patio or may choose to visit Vintage Hill Farm on their way home.

Conrad and Dixie Yates
Your Innkeepers


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